The Peruvian food and the culinary fusion of countries

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8 Jun

The Peruvian food and the culinary fusion of countries

Every day it becomes more frequent to see restaurants of culinary fusion or countries, with this we refer to restaurants of the Mexican-Peruvian, Colombian-Peruvian or Ecuadorian-Peruvian type; what is more incredible is that we do not see anywhere a Mexican-Colombian, Ecuadorian-Mexican or Chilean-Ecuadorian restaurant. What we mean is that the Peruvian factor is always present in the equation, otherwise the result would be wrong.

Do not misunderstand us, we are of those people who think that all Latinos are brothers and that we should always help with everything we need. Simply this phenomenon generates some doubts that we hope to solve with your comments and opinions.

For example:

.- These restaurants use Peruvian Food as a sort of catapult to increase their market reach since their gastronomy is not as profitable as Peruvian ?.
.- What happens with Peruvian Food ?. Are you favored with this situation or lose more than you earn?.
.- The quality of Peruvian food in these restaurants is lower ?. The cooks are specialists in Mexican, Ecuadorian, Colombian food or as they say colloquially they are of the type: “I do everything” ?.
.- The spectrum of meals is favored and benefit the consumer, as we find unique dishes such as the taco de Lomo saltado, paisa a lo pobre, ceviche with jalapeƱos or chaulafan or simply deteriorate the origin of traditional Peruvian food.

Let it be clear that the questions mentioned above are a tool to obtain information and thus be able to develop a clearer vision of this situation.

For now, culinary fusion restaurants or countries will continue to appear, and it is in our hands to support them or lower your finger to this proposal. What do you think? Please share your comments, thoughts and opinions! We can’t wait to hear from you!.

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