The Peruvian food in the present

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15 Jun

The Peruvian food in the present

As we had already mentioned, Peruvian gastronomy has become very popular all over the world today. The improvement of the economy in recent years, mass media such as the Internet and the large colony of Peruvians living abroad, among other factors, is what has contributed to its dissemination. It is estimated that 10% of Peruvians (about 3 million) live overseas, mostly in the USA and Europe.

Peru has won the prize for the best culinary destination in the world awarded by the World Travel Awards (WTA) since 2012 and for 7 consecutive years. Relegating countries with great culinary tradition such as Spain, Mexico, India, China, and France. In addition to this, our chefs and restaurants also won prizes and distinctions that place them among the best in the world.

On the other hand, Peruvian gastronomy received the distinction as the cultural patrimony of the Americas at the OAS summit in 2011. Also, since October 26, 2007, it has been recognized as the nation’s cultural heritage by National Directorial Resolution No. 1362 / INC.

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