Gastronomy of Mexico and Peru, Mesoamerican gastronomy

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22 Jun

Gastronomy of Mexico and Peru, Mesoamerican gastronomy

Both recognized worldwide, the gastronomy of Mexico and Peru is considered the best in Latin America. Being able to make a comparison between the two is something that will open up your appetite in a way that you will want to run out and prepare a recipe.

Mexican food:

One of the advantages that food takes in Mexico is that they have a certification such as the status of the intangible heritage of humanity, given to Michoacan food.

Among the main ingredients used in Mexican food are corn, beans, chili, squash, and cactus, among others.

Peruvian food:

As for this country, two restaurants ranked in the top of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America. However, this list also included the same number of Peruvian and Mexican restaurants.

Some of the ingredients most used in Peruvian food are ají amarillo, evaporated milk, yellow potato, purple maize, among others.

Similarities between Mexico and Peru:

.- Mexico and Peru were the cradle of the most significant autonomous cultures in the world.

.- Both cuisines have as a characteristic the use of spicy ingredients, chile in Mexico and chile in Peru.

.- Another similarity of the gastronomy of Mexico and Peru are the typical drinks of both, tequila and Pisco respectively.

.- One of the most important characteristics that keep these two cultures so similar is the use of corn as one of its main ingredients in typical dishes besides the onion, garlic, and spices typical of the area.

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